That’s life

Last night, I couldn’t attend a second family reunion at a restaurant in Chinatown, because of a bad reaction to the two antibiotics I have been taking for a cat bite.  David and Lisa went, though, and enjoyed the food and company.  I can hardly wait until I am pau with these meds, Wednesday being the last day for them.  The site of the bite is still slightly swollen; I hope there’s no flare-up after treatment ends.  Let’s hope for a good outcome.

I am happy Lisa got to attend this family affair, as she has had to miss quite a few due to work.  She is a part-time hairdresser and a full-time college student, majoring in kinesiology and intent on becoming a physical therapist.  She is doing surprisingly well in her science courses.  On her free days, she volunteers at the Rehab Hospital, shadowing a physical therapist to fulfill a requirement for her major.  I am glad she is focused and persevering.

As for Maria, she and Grant face a reduction in pay due to the economy.  Maria teaches high school math, and her husband teaches computer tech in an elementary school.  It’s too bad that both of them will be impacted by budgetary constraints.

David’s company is going to outsource its billing to India, hopefully saving the company thousands of dollars.  Outsourcing is so un-Obama, as President Obama has always made it clear that jobs should be kept in America and performed by Americans.  But David’s boss is more concerned about the survival of his company during the recession.  At any rate, we can expect a slash in man-hours, salaries, and benefits as well as layoffs.

I recently learned that the University of Hawaii has acquired 13 copies of my three memoirs.  Besides Hamilton Library on the main campus, my books can be found at UH-Hilo, Maui CC, Kauai CC, and Leeward CC.  Add to these books the 45 copies acquired by various public libraries in Hawaii, and anyone can check them out.  I am so grateful.

And that’s life.

8 Responses to “That’s life”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    The outsourcing is regrettable, but I guess some companies feel there is just no other way. Hope you continue to mend! Great news about your books!

  2. LizKauai Says:

    Be sure to take your pro-biotics and get well soon!

  3. kavita saharia Says:

    Please take good care of you…..i hope and hope that your hand gets ok soon……the news about your books is very impressive,its an honour to know you..great going …

  4. pocho Says:

    take care Gigi
    that hand of yours is sure taking a whole long time to heal. On the bright side Maria, Grant, LIsa, and Hubby still have their jobs and your memoirs are at the University of Hawaii.

  5. Quilly Says:

    Did the doc help you to keep those cat bites open and draining until they quit festering? Several years ago I suffered a half-dozen cat bites and my recovery was long and slow and very, very puss-filled!

    I work for a company that outsources to the Philippines. The more work they do, the less I do — my hours have just been cut to 10 per week and my health insurance rescinded. Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. At least in Hawaii it is possible to live homeless without freezing to death ….

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    Quilly, I was lucky; there was no pus that needed to be drained. Just swelling and redness that spread over the whole hand and past my wrist. Antibiotics seem to be working.

    How awful about your job! Hope you find full time work soon.

  7. pocho Says:

    Today Obama says that fixing the health care system will help the economy, HUH? The Health care system is not the root of the problem here, I think its more in the line of what David’s bosses mindset of what needs to be done to stay in business to outsource work to India instead of keeping it local.

    Like Obama says, keep the jobs in the US, stop outsourcing work overseas.

    oh well, David’s boss is where he’s at today and I’m where I am at today. It’s proven he knows more than I do.

  8. Marilee K. Shigematsu Says:

    So sorry that you got a cat bite, that it is taking a long time to heal, and that you must take such heavy antibiotics. Remember to eat take probiotics or eat yogurt if your stomach gets upset, or you feel too tired from less digestion.

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