Lisa’s luck


Rockpile Beach.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.

Business at Lisa’s salon has been slow lately, probably due to the recession, so she asked her credit union if she could refinance her auto loan, which was killing her.  The interest rate there was 5+%.  They told her no, she would have to pay off the loan, instead.  So, she checked with a different credit union and learned their interest rate was 3+%.  Much better!  After signing up for a new loan to pay off the first loan, Lisa is a happy camper, now.

Last night, she told me that UH-Hilo is developing a physical therapy degree program.  She hopes to apply for admission when she graduates from UH-Manoa with a BS in kinesiology.  Since it is a state college and she is a resident, tuition will be less expensive than on the mainland.

Things seem to be falling into place for our daughter!  Wheee!

9 Responses to “Lisa’s luck”

  1. kavita Says:

    Had no idea that Lisa runs a salon….great!!!She is lucky to manage a loan at lower interest…i hope things turn out much and more brighter for her.

  2. gigihawaii Says:

    Kavita, thanks for the good thoughts. Lisa doesn’t run the salon; she is one of the hairstylists there.

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    Good news all around!

  4. LizKauai (iPhone) Says:

    Good job, Lisa!

  5. musings Says:

    It’s such a great feeling when things work out for our kids, isn’t it? Good going, Lisa! She sounds like a very capable young woman. The fact that she’s so good looking is just the frosting.

  6. DrumMajor Says:

    Hooray for successful kids! Have Lisa check out another school’s Physical Therapy program, and see what pre-requisite classes may be available to take now (or soon), while the PT program is being planned, organized and certified. Baby steps to get to the goals!

  7. kavita Says:

    GIGI….hi,need your help here…..a lot of people including Chandan are not happy with my blog going inactive…..some i had no idea that were even aware of my blog..i have never been so confused before …can you help me here with all your experience in life….your suggestions will help me.

  8. gigihawaii Says:

    Kavita, I will email you my response.

  9. pocho Says:

    rockpile? is that Lisa’s favorite fishing spot or what? You reaised her well, Congrats! If only my son had a gf like that.

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