Hospital negligence

A friend’s daughter gave birth in September to twins, who were premature at 28 weeks.  You can imagine the family’s anxiety over the babies’ health.  Every day and night for three months, members of the family took turns watching the children at the hospital. 

One night, around 10 pm, my friend heard a beep beep beep and saw the oxygen level sink to zero for someone else’s preemie.  There were no nurses around!  Finally, she located the charge nurse, who said she was busy with another baby.  My friend insisted that the preemie needed oxygen.  Long story short, thirty minutes had elapsed by the time the doctor arrived and pronounced the baby dead.  NEGLIGENCE!  WHAT A HORROR STORY!

Of course, the family was not told the truth out of fear that they would sue the hospital.  My friend said many of the nurses there were inexperienced.  Her son-in-law told her that if his twins died, he would sue the hospital.  He and his wife are both physicians and insisted on top notch care.

Another thing my friend complained about was the feeding of her grandchildren.  Because the pediatrician had ordered that they be fed every three hours, the nurses turned a deaf ear to the babies’ cries.  By the time the third hour arrived, they were so exhausted from crying they refused to eat.  My friend feels the babies should have been fed on demand.  Sometimes, these male pediatricians are book smart, but lack the common sense of an experienced mother.

Three months was a long time to be in the hospital, but the twins are finally home and are doing well.  The hospital bill?  $1.2 million!

9 Responses to “Hospital negligence”

  1. Quilly Says:

    Oh my word! Who is paying that bill?!

    I am glad the babies are home.

  2. Dobbs Ferry Dude Says:

    As I was born in 1936, my mother told me the style at that time was to let me cry and ignore me until I was fed on the scheduled time. I believe she later felt guilty about this. One of the big changes in the Dr. Spock revolution was to get away from such rigid attitudes. $1.2 million is astronomical. I thought I had it bad paying $8,500 a month for a nursing home. Actually, I do have it bad now that I think of it, and it seems outrageous. I can afford it for a while.

  3. Susan at Stony River Says:

    Wow. Our son was spent his first five days in a NICU in America, and the bill was over $10,000. Paying that bankrupted us and sent us back to Ireland to recover.

    You’re so right about short-staffing at hospitals ; my father and sister were both long-term patients, and we learned that if we weren’t there to fight for them, they’d go without all sorts of help, from empty IV bags to forgotten medication dosing. So when our son was born, I stuck to him like glue and was there as long as they’d let me stay–at night when we had to go home, I’d lie awake panicked that ten miles away, he might be crying –or worse– and I wasn’t there for him.

    Good luck to the little twins–I’m glad they’re home safe!

  4. DrumMajor Says:

    Hope the twins are doing better. Everyone should tell their hospitals to hire more nurses. The hospitals are trying to trim their expenses by over-working the remaining nurses with too many patients and not enough support staff. It does seem the above nurse didn’t reorganize her priorities at the time.
    Too much snow in K.C. Maybe I can figure out how to send you some!
    Happy New Year! Watch out for the firecracker smoke. We usually do firecrackers on July 4th. DrumMajor

  5. Kay Dennison Says:

    Geeeeeeeeeeez! Can you say malpractice?

    I hope for happy, prosperous and healthy New Year for you and yours!!!

  6. cloudia Says:

    Aloha, Friend!
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)

    Comfort Spiral

  7. Musings Says:

    Sheesh! That’s frightening. My daughter’s friend give birth at 6 months. Now that was a very tiny baby. What was good in their case is the mother was able to stay with the baby at the hospital for a good long while which was great. Other family members pitched in also to keep watch. Hospitals are really understaffed these days. It’s scary! It’s really scary!

  8. Musings Says:

    By the way, Happy New Year!

  9. Elsha Bohnert Says:

    Yikes, that scenario sounds like it took place in a 3rd world country with 1st world country fees – the worst of both worlds.

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