Portable Pedal Exerciser

As you know, I have osteoarthritis, which prevents me from standing and walking as much as I would like. You won’t see me hiking in the woods or walking on the beach, not in my condition, no way.

However, I felt the need to exercise my limbs in the easiest possible way. So, David bought me a Portable Pedal Exerciser for $36 from Amazon.

I use it primarily for my arthritic knees and hips. But it could be used for my arthritic shoulders, too. This device is quite versatile and easy to use. I like it a lot. It doesn’t take up too much space and can fold for easy storage.

However, there are several caveats, as listed in the owner’s manual:

(1) The device can overheat with long-term high intensity exercise. So just use it for short-term light exercise.

(2) The monitor is supposed to gauge my cycles per minute, the duration, and the calories burned, but it is unreliable. I don’t pay attention to it. I just cycle for a few minutes in short bursts of speed, anyway. Then, I return after a few minutes for more exercise. I do this, because I don’t have much stamina.

(3) If you use it on a smooth floor, then you should use the nylon strap to anchor the device to your chair so it will not slide on the floor. I use mine on carpet, which is not a problem.

Other than these caveats, it works okay. What do you expect for $36?

If you prefer long-term high intensity exercise, then you really should use a stationary or recumbent bike instead of this Portable Pedal Exerciser. I don’t use the bike, because I can’t swing my short leg over it. It’s too high for me. However, David uses the bike with no problem.

This is David, demonstrating the Portable Pedal Exerciser:

So, for $36, this device is not a bad way for an old lady like me to get some exercise, even though it’s of limited duration and intensity. Further, it’s good aerobic exercise for me.

13 Responses to “Portable Pedal Exerciser”

  1. DavidH Says:

    The secret to getting the most from your exerciser is to do it on a consistent basis. Hopefully you will see gradual improvement in your knees and your mobility.

  2. Iris Flavia Says:

    Very cool! I want one, too!
    And… great you do this!

  3. Christine Says:

    $36 is a great price.

  4. dkzody Says:

    Good for you…as I’m sure your daughter, the physical therapist, tells you, any movement is better than no movement. We have watched our next door neighbor completely deteriorate because she refuses to move much except from room to room, from bed to chair and back again. And she is my age.

  5. Valerie-Jael Says:

    Good idea, exercise is a good thine – kedep going!

  6. DJan Says:

    Glad to hear you have figured out a way to get at least a little exercise. Does David ever wear shoes??

  7. David Gascoigne Says:

    Better a little exercise than none at all.

  8. Doug M Says:

    A good idea for your lower circulation. And David is right, consistency is key. Good for you, Gigi. 🙂👍

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    My recumbent stationary bike is an old one that a friend gave me. It’s heavy and clunky so I have it in the garage. It has a broad seat and no bar to throw your legs over. It’s strictly a leg exerciser, not upper body. I do other things for that.
    I’m glad you are using your new device. Every little bit helps.

  10. Lakshmi Bhat Says:

    It is good to exercise and I am glad this is helping you.
    I do these exercises . Regards, Lakshmi

  11. Nancy Chan Says:

    This is good enough to exercise your lower limbs. You can do this while watching the tv. Keep it up.

  12. AC Says:

    It’s something positive for sure. We’ve not been getting out on the bikes much lately.

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