Fling in Tokyo: Thursday-Friday

David and I left Honolulu early Thursday afternoon and arrived at 4:41 pm on Friday in Tokyo.  I highly recommend Japan Airlines.  Going there we had the older jet, but returning we got the newer one with wider seats, more leg room, and a movie screen attached to the back of the seat in front of us.  We were served a snack and two meals with free beverages, including wine, beer, juice, water and sodas.  Of course, I must not forget to tell you about the warm, moist towels we were offered to clean our hands.  Great custom!

As it turned out, we spent just 111,000 yen ($1,067) and have 12,000 yen left.  We did not use our credit card, nor did we spend our traveler’s checks or any of the US cash we brought.  The yen was used exclusively for food and transportation, mostly for taxi.  We used the subway just twice, to and from Ueno.  We preferred the taxi, because we would have had difficulty locating a restaurant since we could not read Japanese signs.

We rode the Airport Limousine (3,000 yen per person) to the Hotel Pacific (formerly known as Le Meredien Pacific Tokyo Hotel) in Shinagawa.  Hotel Pacific must have been recently renovated, because everything looked brand new.  We liked our room and the elegant restaurants in the hotel.  Our only gripe was the queen-size bed.  We definitely missed our king-size bed!


Friday night, we took the taxi to Roppongi.  By the way, people drive on the left side of the road, walk on the left side of the sidewalk, and stand on the left side of the escalator.  The Japanese were advised to do this by the British back in the day.  Crazy, huh? 

When we could not locate a certain restaurant in Roppongi we’d read about in a guide book, we decided instead to eat at the Fox Tail Restaurant.  We chose the “Setsugekka Course” for 6,800 yen per person, because it was described as an “authentic Japanese-style full course dinner.”

Mini appetizer

Main appetizer.  Both mini and main appetizers tended to be salty.

Soup was sweet.

Sashimi was fresh.

Broiled dish, in this case butterfish

Fried dish: tempura.  Salt is in the smaller dish.

Stewed dish

Rice set:  rice, seaweed soup, pickled vegetables

Dessert:  sherbet and Japanese sweets

And there you have it:  Setsugekka, an authentic Japanese-style full course dinner.  Not a bad introduction to Japanese cuisine!

By the way, we did not feel the earthquake that struck northeastern Japan at 8:45 am on Saturday.  And it was sunny and dry when we were in Tokyo.  The monsoon season starts in late June, we were told.  Lucky us!

11 Responses to “Fling in Tokyo: Thursday-Friday”

  1. Jason Says:

    Glad to see you guys had fun! So, did you try the sashimi? 🙂

  2. gigihawaii Says:

    Of course! And I enjoyed it!

  3. Kaimuki boy Says:

    Glad you did not get any rain. The pictures look great. The food looks good. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Ueno has awesome local food stands, and great deals for chocolate, kaki-mochi, and dried seafood. Roppongi is hopping on a Friday night! Did you buy coture clothes? Did you also notice that the driver seat is on the right side, just like Great Brittan? It always freaks me out to cross the street and get use to looking in the opposite direction.

  4. gigihawaii Says:

    No, we didn’t buy any clothes this time. And, yeah, David almost got killed looking in the wrong direction while crossing the street!

  5. al Says:

    glad you had a good time.
    i am especially proud of you for venturing in to the culinary arts of japan and partaking upon the sashimi.

    so how many muumuu do you pack for such a trip???

  6. M Says:

    Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time! Great pictures. JAL is the best airlines. I can’t wait to go back next year.

  7. gigihawaii Says:

    Al, I packed 6 muumuu.

  8. Masako Says:

    Hi Gigi Im happy you guys had a great time. I enjoy your food pictures…hmmmm wish I were there. How was your hotel? My travel agent recommended that hotel. How close is it to the train station? Is there anything to do in Shinagawa?

  9. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi Masako. Hotel Pacific is across the street from Shinagawa station. We didn’t have enough time to explore the area.

  10. al Says:

    what? you sleep in them too?

  11. gigihawaii Says:

    I slept in one of 6 muumuu.

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