WB blog party for Ronnie and Rich

David and I had a good time tonight at the Warrior Beat party for Ronnie and Rich at Club Genji on South King Street.  This is the entrance from the parking lot.  Food was good; singing (especially by Liz) was fantastic; and the fellowship was warm.  In fact, we had such a wonderful time, we forgot to pick up my car at David’s office parking lot.  We drove all the way home in David’s car only to discover that my car was not in our garage.  So back we went to retrieve my car.  Grrr.  David was pissed.  Oh well, another sign of old age.  haha.

Around 50 people signed up for the event.  Here we all are in the main room of the club.

Rob25, Ronnie (guest of honor visiting from California), and WassupDoc.

On the left is Rich2176, who was the other guest of honor from California, and on the right is Stephen Tsai, our blog guru.  Rich does the auditing for American Idol, among other FOX shows.

Stephen Tsai and his beautiful wife, Wena, who recently opened a preschool on the Windward side.

This is Stretch, who was crazy enough to bet with me that the Lakers would beat the Celtics.  Well, he lost and, therefore, had to buy me dinner at Genji’s.  Never doubt the great Celtics!  They will be champs again next year.

Peaches and SteveM, who organized this party.  Peaches is part Korean.

LizKauai and Ralph.  Liz sang in a recent production of Man of LaMancha on Kauai. 

Al, LongTimeUHFan, and James.  Al’s dog recently gave birth to 7 puppies, depriving him of sleep.  LTUHF bought my three memoirs and said he enjoyed them.  James is a graduate of Damien High School, where my mother was the registrar.

Barry, BigHiloFan2, and Hiflyer — all regular bloggers.

And here is some of the fantastic food at the buffet:


Spencer steak, ahi poke, and kulolo

Chicken udon and pork tofu

The party was still in full swing when David and I left at 8:15 pm.  David was tired and wanted to take a 2 hour nap before hitting the gym.  It was very nice meeting fellow bloggers, some of whom I met for the first time.  Hard to believe but it has been almost two years since the Warrior Beat blog started.  And on July 10 at 6 pm, we shall all celebrate the 2nd anniversary of its inception at the Stan Sheriff Center.  All are invited to attend.  Cost is $20 in advance and $25 at the door.  Woo-hoo!

13 Responses to “WB blog party for Ronnie and Rich”

  1. Long Time UH Fan Says:

    Gigi, It was nice meeting you tonight in person and chatting about your trip to Tokyo. If you go to Japan again, try doing it during Cherry Blossom time. We went to Kyushu, Shikoku, and Honshu islands up to Kyoto in March ’03. It was just beautiful! I enjoyed reading about your trip, and your pictures are just great; especially the fuud pix. Thanks for sharing.

  2. TChahng [대장입니다] Says:

    Cool photos of the Na Tsai-Ko.

    Oh… mouth watering… must get… Jaaaapaaaneeez fuud…

    Wow! and the Genji fuud look good, too!

  3. Jason Says:

    Eh, you get PICTURES that say GENJI and you still get GenGi. This not Club GenGigi, you know. 🙂

    You guys missed a lot of fun after you left. It was a great night. 😀

  4. SteveM Says:

    This is Liz from SteveM and Peaches’ house. Wow- you guys sneak out and get da scoops on the K-Kall, eh?
    It was a grand affair, indeed! All the aloha in the room made me forget about all the normal aches and pains.
    We left Genji just a little while ago- the singing went into the night with PP and RK taking it to another level.
    Jason was also outstanding and made his Aunties and Ronnie feel very special. He also made Rich feel very special too but that is another story 🙂

    Thank you and David for coming and we are so happy that you enjoyed your evening! (To the point of distraction, even!)

  5. wafan Says:

    GG . . .

    Thanks for putting up the photos of the KCall last night. It is always nice to see the Tsai-kos and Tsai-kettes in one of their natrual habitats — near food!

    I also enjoyed your whirlwind tour of Japan. One of these days I will have the opportunity to visit the homeland.

    Too bad you do not have any photos of you and David — okay nice one’s anyhow. As the family photographer I know how it feels not to be in any of the photos. You know you were at all these events only because you had to be there to take the photos. HA!

  6. gigihawaii Says:

    Jason has the eyes of a hawk! T’anks, brah!

    I got up very early today, but don’t feel tired after drinking my 2nd iced coffee. Will probably nap later in the day.

  7. wafan Says:

    So, were there any shot glasses available? Did you earn one?

  8. gigihawaii Says:

    Hi wafan,

    Stretch showed me an etched shot glass, but I just could not bring myself to drink the Crown Royal. So, unfortunately, I did not earn the glass.

    Now, if you’d been at the party, you probably would have won one. haha

  9. koakane™ Says:

    gigi very glad you and hubby came. even more pleased that you
    enjoyed yourself. forgetting your kawheela is not a sign of getting old it just showed the fun you had last night. looking forward to see more of you at other functions.

  10. M Says:

    Is this place next door to Sanoya’s?

  11. gigihawaii Says:

    yes, Club Genji is next to Sanoya. It has limited parking so David had to park near McCully Street.

  12. bighilofan2 Says:

    hi GiGi
    hi Dave

    great pix GiGi

    glad to meet you an hubby.
    see y’all again soon.

  13. bighilofan2 Says:


    I’m told the “mail’ site I listed is the real deal for this
    computer. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never used it

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