Hurrah for the rail project

March 1, 2018


My University of Hawaii 40th class reunion in 2008.  Some of the people touring the campus in this photo are my classmates.


The city and county of Honolulu  is in the process of building an elevated rail, stretching from Kapolei on the west side of the island to the University of Hawaii, located towards the east side of the island.  The rail project has been fraught with controversy.  Some people hate it, while others love it.  David and I love it.

David and I envision boarding the train near our home and getting off near the Blaisdell Concert Hall.  After the concert, we can catch the train back to our home.  This means we won’t have to drive at night.

Further, when our grandchildren attend the University of Hawaii, they can catch the train and avoid the hassle of having to find a parking space near the university.

I don’t care how much it costs, we must finish the rail project.  Don’t let it languish.  Stop the bickering and arguing.


I prefer to be called Mrs.

February 27, 2018

David 2nd day at Straub 013-A

This is my photo of David and his physical therapist after knee replacement surgery at Straub Medical Center in 2016.  The following photos show him convalescing at home.

wound 001-A

David discharged from Straub 012-A

It helps to be married.  Ever since I married David more than 37 years ago, I have never had to wash or vacuum my car.  He does it without being told, mind you.  I am so lucky.  What would I do without David?

Marriage has been mutually beneficial for us.  It hasn’t been one sided.

For instance, I was his caregiver after his many surgeries, picking him up at the hospital, feeding him, giving him his medications, giving him a fresh bath towel, and washing his laundry so he had clean clothes to wear.  I also drove him to and from his physical therapist’s office for weeks while he was taking narcotics for pain.  This year, he probably will have his seventh surgery, a cataract surgery on his right eye.  We are ready for it.

I don’t know why some women like being called Miss or Ms.  I prefer to be called Mrs.

A condo from hell

February 25, 2018

Christian Lassen 002-A

This is a painting by Christian Lassen that hangs in our house.


I am so glad I no longer live in that horrible condominium in Honolulu.  We bought it for $73,500 in 1979 and then sold it for $220,000 in 1991.  Isn’t it amazing that such a crummy place would sell for that amount of money?

It was a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment, which came with a clothes washer and dryer as well as a dishwasher and other modern conveniences.  However, the noise from the neighbors and street traffic was unbearable.  We could hear people having sex, their toilet running, their stereo booming not to mention the buses and cars rumbling by our building.  It was a condo from hell.

We sold that condo and moved to a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on a quiet street in a better part of town.  We are so glad we did this before the real estate market escalated to such a point that this house would be unaffordable.  We bought our house for $380,000 in 1991, and it could sell for $880,000 in today’s market.

We have no problem living here.  We hope to live in our house until we die.  If the yard and house are too difficult for us to maintain, we can always hire someone to help us.

Colorful vs All-white home

February 23, 2018

Years ago, there were two photo shoots of Dolly Parton’s and Yoko Ono’s homes, which were decorated all in white:  White carpet, white walls, white drapes, white furniture, and white grand piano.

All that white made their living rooms look stark and austere.  I was not impressed.

Take my home in Hawaii.  It is so colorful.  I feel very comfortable with the multihued rooms in my house, not to mention the exterior.  When you see my house from the curb, you will see a green driveway and a yellow house with white trim.  The front yard has green grass, a green palm tree, and six colorful crotons.

When you enter my house, you will see colorful paintings on the walls, a pale blue carpet, a colorful silk rug, and colorful flowers on the dining and coffee tables.

To me, an all-white home is the kiss of death.

I prefer a home that is brimming with the colors of the rainbow.  That, to me, is the kiss of life.

These are photos of my home:




Flowers on my walls 011-A


House 008-A

stand up weed puller 013-A

color bowls 001-A

New art 010-A

New art 009-A

My house is like an art gallery, full of paintings and flowers!!!

Sports and exercise

February 21, 2018


This is a caricature of David and me on a surfboard (1979).  He no longer has a mustache.  He and I have never surfed.


Though David watches the Winter Olympics every day, I watch only sporadically.  I liked the opening ceremony and some of the figure skating, and that’s it.  However, I am still able to converse about the athletes and coaches in the Olympics, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.  I read the newspaper, after all.  I gain quite a bit of knowledge just by looking at the headlines and photos in the sports section.

David exercises at the gym every night.  He told me that a homeless woman sleeps there.  Apparently, she has a club membership and spends the night near the entrance to the hot tub, forcing people to step over her body to get to the tub.

Years ago, David saw two men die at the gym after an intense work out.  That frightened David so much that he came home and told me, “Don’t you dare enroll in Zumba.  For sure, you will die.”

No problem.  I hate to exercise, anyhow.  There was a time when I snorkeled and swam on a regular basis.  Now, I just stroll up and down my street and do housework and gardening.

I am still mobile and walk faster than David.  I have normal bone density, but he has osteopenia and osteoarthritis.  Poor guy.

She has dementia

February 19, 2018

greek marina-3-boat-A

This is my photo of Koko Marina in East Honolulu, taken several years ago.


David and I agreed to have lunch with Aunt B on Thursday at her retirement home.  We thought we were doing her a favor by visiting with her, since she had begged us repeatedly to do so.  But, no, the minute she saw us, she scolded us for coming “unexpectedly.”

Aunt B:  “You should have called me first.  If you do this one more time, I will send you back home.”

Me:  “You told us to see you today.  You said you looked forward to seeing us.”

And on and on it went.  David and I were shocked by her negative attitude towards us.  The food was good, but Aunt B was rude and unpleasant.  The last straw was when she criticized my hair.

She has dementia.  Too bad she is so unpleasant.

We are not socializing with her anymore.  No loss, believe me.

Improving my culinary skills

February 17, 2018

David Glenda 1989 001-B

This is an old photo of me and David at a restaurant in Hawaii.  (Around 1989)


I have been trying to cook healthy food lately.  I am really into flavors.  Every time I eat out, I look at the food and try to guess what makes it so delicious.  A lot of it has to do with flavors from different types of seasoning.  This is a big thing for me, as I want to improve my culinary skills without having to attend a class.  I guess this means finding recipes on line, which isn’t too difficult.

As I said previously, I am trying to lose weight.  Since last Tuesday, I have managed to lose two pounds just by using portion control.  For instance, when I buy a take out meal from a Chinese restaurant, I divide the meal in half, saving one half for the next day.  I think I can live quite well with this type of dieting, eating what I enjoy but eating less.

Julia Child (the famous French chef) said virtually the same thing, and so does my husband.  To each his own.  What works for me might not work for you.  All I know is, I don’t want a tyrant telling me to eat something I abhor.

Enough said.

Weight management

February 15, 2018

Foster Village 019-A

This is my photo of a Bird of Paradise plant in my neighborhood.


I saw Dr. L last Friday to review my lab scores.  The conclusion was that I am obese and need to lose weight to avoid becoming diabetic.  Dr. L advised that I enroll in a weight management program.  I agreed to do so.

Since my Friday visit, however, I have changed my mind, primarily because I don’t want anyone dictating what I can eat and how much.

Dieticians remind me of my mother, who was a tyrant.  Much of my negative feelings stem from the way she treated me when I was a child.  I recall her frying cow’s liver and onions in bacon grease every Friday.  When I complained, Mom said, “You either eat this or eat nothing.”  I stood up and went to bed hungry.  And guess what?  Mom continued to serve cow’s liver and onions every Friday despite knowing how much I hated cow’s liver and onions.

When people began mentioning how thin I was, Mom insisted that I take pills to gain weight.  She bought these Wate-On pills from the drug store.  But, if she wanted me to look less gaunt, then she should have fed me food that was palatable, not force me to take pills.  People don’t gain weight by taking pills.  They gain weight by eating real food.

It seemed that she never cooked anything that I wanted to eat.  Further, the negative atmosphere at home eroded my appetite.  I was not a happy kid.  When I left home at age 19 to live with my grandmother, I was able to relax and eat food I truly enjoyed.

Hence, you can see how much I hated my mother for being so cruel.  This is the primary reason I refuse to enter a weight management program.  I don’t want to deal with someone who reminds me of my horrible mother.

I will try to cut back on my caloric consumption and see what happens.

“Do I really care?”

February 13, 2018


Sample of a newspaper in Hawaii.


Every time I read the newspaper I find myself saying, “Do I really care?”

Do I really care about Trump, Russia, sex allegations, murder, rape, robbery, lawsuits, war, religion, politics, economics?  Nope.  I shrug my shoulders and say, “So what?”  Then, I glance at the next headline.

But, now and then, I do see a headline that really interests me, and I find myself reading the entire story.

For instance, several days ago, I read an article that stated, “Omega-3 supplements have no benefit.  They do not prevent a heart attack or heart disease.”  It was based on a scientific study involving 78,000 people worldwide.  Well, I’ll be darned!  A friend of mine ate salmon every night for years, because salmon is full of Omega-3.  He recently had a heart attack and underwent open heart surgery.  He survived the surgery.  But, eating salmon every night for years did not help him at all.  Do you realize how BORING it is to eat salmon every night?  Now, it seems that even Omega-3 supplements have no benefit.

So, that’s what interests me:  News about science, astronomy, health, and medicine.

Not the other stuff.

Flowers and proud to be a Korean-American

February 11, 2018


I am on a potted flowers kick, as shown in the above photo.  This is a pot of yellow chrysanthemums that I bought recently from the supermarket.  They probably will last about four weeks, and then, I’ll toss the yellow and buy a different color next month.

I figure that I save money by not buying alcohol, movie tickets, and a fancy wardrobe.  So, why not spend about ten bucks per month on flowers that make me insanely happy?

The reason I don’t bring in flowers from my outdoor garden is that there are bugs in the outdoor flowers.  That’s the last thing I need:  More bugs inside the house.  So, I always buy flowers from the supermarket, because they are always bug-free.


David and I enjoyed watching the awesome opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.  I personally take great pride in being a Korean-American, born and raised in Hawaii.