DB Grill – Kapolei

August 1, 2017

Last Thursday, David and I drove to Kapolei to have lunch at DB Grill, a new restaurant known for its delicious Korean cuisine.

David drove his 2010 Toyota Camry (prior to his car accident on Friday):

DB Grill 004-A

The landscape on the way to Kapolei, which is located on the west side of the island of Oahu, was rather brown due to sparse rainfall:

DB Grill 005-A

There was ample free parking around the restaurant:

DB Grill 009-A

This is the bar:

DB Grill 012-A

David and I posed at our table:

DB Grill 015-A

David ordered the kalbi plate, which consisted of Korean short ribs, rice, and kim chee (spicy, pickled cabbage):

DB Grill 017-A

I ordered the tofu salad with shrimp:

DB Grill 019-A

Then, we ordered steamed mundoo (stuffed with pork, chicken, and vegetables):

DB Grill 021-A

This is a single mundoo with a sauce consisting of soy, sugar, and green onions:

DB Grill 023-A

We had a wonderful time at DB Grill in Kapolei.  If you like Korean cuisine, then this is the best place to dine.  Go at lunch time, because it is less expensive than dinner time.

Car accident

July 30, 2017

(Note:  Following up on my previous blog post, David fixed my desk top computer by replacing the battery unit, so I can blog normally now.)

On Friday, a huge 15,000 lb. box truck was trying to get into the right lane in front of the Navy Exchange, when the lug nuts on the truck’s front tire tore into the side of David’s car.  The doors were significantly damaged, but luckily they did not cave in or crumple.  No damage to the truck.

I took these photos of David’s car in our driveway:

Car accident 001-A

Car accident 007-A

Car accident 005-A

The police were called to the scene and diligently made a report.  David contacted the truck driver’s insurance company, and their claims department will contact David on Monday.  We hope for a good outcome.  Thankfully, David survived the ordeal and did not have to go to the hospital.

Our family seems to be jinxed, because this year, both Maria’s van and Grant’s car were hit by other vehicles.  Grant’s car was totaled and had to be towed to a junk yard.  Maria’s van was struck by a driver, who fled.  Maria was so stunned that she failed to get that driver’s license plate number, and her own insurance company had to pay for the damage.

That makes three car accidents during the first seven months of this year.  Who’s next?  Me or Lisa?

Fishing for a topic

July 28, 2017

Kauai, 2008, golf, us-1-A

In 2008, David and I played 9 holes of golf on Kauai, and this is our photo, taken by our friend, Liz.  This photo is from my blog archive, not from my desktop computer.


As you know, I try to post something new on my blog every other morning.  Today, I went to my desktop computer and couldn’t turn it on.  I called Hawaiian Telcom and was told it is a power issue, not an Internet issue.  A red light is flashing on the battery pack, and it makes a squeeling noise.  Aaaargh.   David is still in bed, so I can’t ask him for help.

Now, here I am using my laptop.  I type more slowly on this keyboard, and all of my photos are on the desktop.  I was going to show photos of a new restaurant where we had lunch yesterday, but it will have to wait until the desktop computer is fixed.

Hence, I am fishing for a new topic right now.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of helicopters flying above my house.  We live near Pearl Harbor, and there are military installations in our area.  I wish we lived on the other side of the island, so we wouldn’t hear these noisy helicopters.  Although it doesn’t happen all day, it is still annoying when it does happen.   What are these helicopters doing anyway?  Who or what are they transporting?  And what is their destination?

My neighborhood used to be full of U.S. Navy officers.  Now, they are gone, and there are many wealthy immigrants from Vietnam, Philippines, and Korea as well as local people like me, born and raised in Hawaii.  It’s middle class over here.  Very low crime rate.  Children walk home from school without being kidnapped, raped, or robbed.  No vagrants, either.

I hope that things continue to go well for all of us.

And that, my dear, is my topic for the day.

Julia’s team wins in Seattle

July 26, 2017

Summer Fun 021-A

This is a recent photo of my daughter Maria, Grant, Rylan and Julia, taken at a district park in Hawaii.


Maria, Grant, and 9 year old Julia returned home from Seattle yesterday after Julia’s team won the soccer championship 2-1, with Julia scoring first.  We are all thrilled with her success.

Maria complained about the weather in Seattle, though.  She said that it was sometimes cold in the shade requiring a sweater, but the minute she stepped away from the trees, she had to remove her sweater.  One day, she wore shorts to the soccer tournament.  It was so cold, she had to place a blanket over her legs and drink hot tea.  Why did she wear shorts?  Because it was hot the previous day.

Ah, well, at least she and her family got to see Seattle for the first time, and Julia’s team won the championship.  No complaints in that regard.

In 1979, David and his friends drove from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver, Canada, then back to Seattle, and then flew back to Hawaii.  He enjoyed the trip.

I have been to Vancouver, Canada (1994), but never to Seattle and Portland.  Places to see in the future should I ever get on the plane again.

Bad luck. Good luck.

July 24, 2017

Oct 1986 001-A

This is an old photo of David and our two daughters, Lisa and Maria, at Waikiki Beach.


A few months ago, we were at a restaurant, when David said he could not find the $25.00 gift card he needed to pay the bill.  The gift card must have fallen out of his wallet, when he pulled out his credit card at another store or restaurant.  David was very upset with himself and wailed about it constantly.

Last week, David was in the Costco parking lot, when he found $2.00 on the ground.  He was so happy.  Yippeeeee!!!  He couldn’t believe his good luck.

When he came home and told me about finding the money, I told him he should have left it on the ground so that the rightful owner could retrace his steps and find his money.  That would have been the honest thing to do.

David replied, “I am not stupid.  After all, the person who found my gift card didn’t leave it on the ground for me.”

Bad luck.  Good luck.  I guess he has a point.

That’s your laugh for the day.

Last trip in 2013

July 22, 2017

The last trip I took was in 2013, when David and I visited Miami and Washington, DC.  Alas, I have not been able to travel since 2013 due to health issues.  Maybe, I’ll get lucky and I’ll be able to get on the plane again.

These are photos of our trip to the East coast in 2013:

In Miami, we had dinner with Ana and her husband:

Anna 006-A

We also posed with baby alligators in the Everglades:

Everglades 114-A

Everglades 111-A

In Washington, DC, we had lunch with Denise and Dianne and their husbands.  Dianne (wearing dark glasses) died of a stroke this year:

Dianne, Denise 003-A

We also had lunch with Virginia and Matt in Washington.  Matt died of a stroke in 2014:

Seymours, war memorials 002-A

We watched the Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetery:

Arlington 013-A

I have so many wonderful memories of my travels.  Whenever I get bored, all I have to do is search my brain and remember people and places I have seen over the years.  Some of these people I will never meet again, such as Dianne and Matt.  I am glad we were able to dine with them before they died.

Weeding and back pain

July 20, 2017

David has been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine.  He thought he might need back surgery, but the orthopedist at Straub Medical Center advised against it, as it might make his back pain worse.  David was told to avoid repetitive bending and to let someone else pull the weeds — meaning me, his wife.

Well, I don’t have arthritis of the spine, but I, too, have back pain when I bend over to pull weeds.  After 15 minutes of bending, I have to rest flat on my back on my firm bed.  After 30 minutes, the pain goes away and I can resume activity.

David thought that this stand up weed puller would help, but it is only good for dry dirt, not moist dirt.  The weed puller pulls up too much mud, when the dirt is moist:

Stand up weeder 006-A

Stand up weeder 002-A

I suggested sitting on a low stool, but that would still involve bending from the waist.  Then, David considered sitting on a yoga mat, but he might have a tough time standing up after sitting for so long on the yoga mat.

Solution:  Just do a little weeding on consecutive days, instead of doing all of the weeding all at once.

We are specks in the universe

July 18, 2017

New art in dining area 006-A

The new art in my dining area continues to please me, because the flowers are so cheery, colorful, and bright.  If anything can stimulate your appetite, it is this type of art.

Note the cinder block wall on the left.  It’s not elegant, but it’s durable and probably can withstand a hurricane.  I am not so sure about the roof, though.  Will it blow away in a hurricane?  I heard that hurricane clips might anchor the roof to the walls of the house.

Recently, there was a huge inferno, which engulfed several floors in the Marco Polo high rise in Honolulu.  Three people died in the fire.  One of the deceased was my high school classmate.  I had known her since elementary school, and we often walked home together.  She was quiet and pretty.

Her death makes me realize that we are mortals, mere specks in the universe.  When we die, a few people will mourn, but centuries from now, will anyone know we even existed?  Maybe, centuries from now, humans will be living on a distant planet, far from Earth, meeting and greeting aliens from outer space.

Well, anything is possible.  I am open to possibilities.

Summer Fun Finale – 2017

July 16, 2017

Last Friday, David and I attended our grandkids’ Summer Fun Finale at a nearby district park.  The theme was “World Tour”:

Summer Fun 001-A

Summer Fun 002-A

That’s Rylan in the green shirt and green eye glasses:

Summer Fun 006-A

Julia is somewhere in this group:

Summer Fun 017-A

After the program, David and I posed with Julia and Rylan:

Summer Fun 019-A

Our grandkids with their parents, Maria and Grant:

Summer Fun 021-A

We all had such a great time.  The grandkids got some exercise, and the rest of us enjoyed the music and choreography.

However, David and I almost fell when we were going down the steps after the program, as each step was very tall and there were no hand rails.  I had to jump down, almost twisting my ankle.  David complained that I should have given him my hand to stabilize him, because he had to lean on the person in front of him.  Next year, he intends to bring his cane.

These steps reminded us of the tall steps in India, climbing up and down the mosque and the Taj Mahal in 2012.

We are showing our age, aren’t we?

So far, so good

July 14, 2017

Fish 006-B

Despite the fact that things are going so well for me, there are so many naysayers who cast gloom over my life.

People predict that I will die prematurely if I continue to eat red meat.  Well, I have been eating red meat for the past 71 years and am still alive.  Whereas, I know a vegan, who had four clogged arteries and stage 4 cancer when he died at age 65.

Other people predict that my husband will dump me for a younger, prettier woman if I don’t trim down and lose weight.  David and I have been married for 37 years, and he has not filed for a divorce, yet.  Whereas, I know two sexy, glamorous women, who are divorced and can’t find anyone else to marry them.

For a 71 year old, I am doing okay.  Still married, still a homeowner, still on speaking terms with my kids and grandkids, and, best of all, still alive.

Of course, these could be my famous last words and I could lose it all.  But, hopefully, I will continue to have a pleasant life for many years to come.