Four homes sold

September 5, 2018


Our dining table.  (January 2018)


Within a period of 14 months, four houses on our street have been sold.  The first house sold for $860,000.  The second for $870,000.  The third for $845,000, which was priced low because the house needed extensive renovations.

The fourth house sold for $969,000 last month.  I went to the open house and was really impressed.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms just like the other homes, but it also has a swimming pool and deck and a new white carpet.  Very pretty.  But, I wonder how long that white carpet will remain white, and how much it will cost to maintain that swimming pool.

We like living here, because there is no crime and no poverty.  Little children can walk home from school without fear.

Fading colors

September 3, 2018

One thing you can say about our house is that it is very colorful.  It is not monochromatic.  I guess it depends on your taste.  Some people like bland and subtle.  I prefer bright and colorful.

However, our carpet and silk rug have faded.  The dark blue carpet is now pale blue, and the dark red silk rug is now pale pink.

The faded carpet (purchased in 2008):


The faded silk rug from India (purchased in 2012):


Nothing wrong with fading.  It’s bound to happen.  In this case, it’s not ugly.  It still looks nice.

P.S.  We like a soft floor, not a hard floor, so the carpet is here to stay.  There’s nothing like kicking off your shoes and sinking into a padded carpet.  You can’t do that with wood or tile.  We looooove carpet!

Our future husband or wife

September 1, 2018


The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.  (November 2017)


David and I were discussing the future.  I asked him if he would still be subscribing to the symphony and the opera once I am dead.  He replied that if his second wife did not like classical music, he would listen to whatever interested his second wife.  He is flexible.

As for me, I plan to continue subscribing to the symphony and the opera, because I love classical music.  That will never change.  In fact, before I married David, that is precisely what I did.  Hence, my future husband would have to enjoy classical music, too.

I also said that I intend to sit on the bench in front of the concert hall during intermission, and some nice dude will sit down beside me and ask me out.  Before we know it, we will be married and live happily ever after.  Haha.  Wait for that to happen.

I think that if you want to marry a highly educated man, then go to the symphony to meet such a person.  I prefer men who are cultured and refined, someone who is intellectual and not a sports jock.

Anyway, I have a feeling that David will find his second wife at the gym, someone who is a blue collar worker who likes rock or pop.  The people he sees there are not the kind of people who like classical music.

So, that’s our future.  He’s flexible.  I am not.

Costs very little to live here

August 30, 2018

Bright, sunny weather yesterday.  We grilled two steaks in the patio and had a good time.

It costs very little to live in our 3 bedroom 2 bath house here in Hawaii.  We pay a low property tax ($1,700 per year) and a low home insurance premium ($148 per month).  Due to a reverse mortgage, we don’t pay a mortgage, maintenance fee, or rent.  David does all of the yard work himself, so we save $100 per month by not hiring a yard service.  He also is a good handyman, who knows how to fix things.  And he paints part of the house, driveway, and patio himself.

We also have affordable health insurance (Humana HMO):  Zero monthly premiums and low co-payments.

Food and gas we buy at a discount at Costco and Target.

Hence, we live within our means.

These are my crotons, which I photographed yesterday:



Life as usual

August 28, 2018

After the hurricane, we have resumed life as usual.  This is David, eating his breakfast, consisting of fried eggs and lemon poppy seed muffins.  He feels like he is dining in a flower garden:


But, what should we do with the four cases of bottled water we bought when we were threatened with a hurricane?  Well, we have decided to keep the water, because the hurricane season is not over.  It doesn’t hurt to keep the Diet Coke, either:


Life for us is on the upswing.  We live very well.

Mopping up after the hurricane

August 26, 2018

Well, Hurricane Lane came and went, and though it’s been raining due to the remnants of the storm, we are not doing so poorly.  That is not true for residents of the Big Island and Maui, where there has been widespread flooding.  Here on Oahu, where I live, six or more roof tops have been blown off, and there have been reports of downed power lines and broken tree branches blocking the roads.

As for David and me, there were a few branches that fell from our palm tree:


Debris in our driveway and our patio:



David cleaned the patio with the garden hose:


He put back the patio furniture and gas grill:


Finally, David hanged the ferns under the eaves and watered them:


So, miracles do happen, and we don’t have much to complain about right now.  However, the hurricane season will end on November 30, so we are not entirely in the clear.  Hopefully, we won’t have to endure another hurricane in the months to come.

Being hit by the hurricane

August 24, 2018

Hurricane Lane is hitting us with high wind and rain.  Thank goodness we brought in the hanging ferns and they now sit on black plastic bags on the floor.  We didn’t want them to become projectiles in the wind:


And we placed the gas grill and patio chairs against the laundry room doors to keep the doors from swinging in the wind:


We decided not to evacuate to the school down the street, which has been listed as an emergency shelter.  We plan to remain at home, closing all of the windows and securing the exterior doors.  Right now, we have the air conditioner on, because it would be stuffy without it.  We have also turned off our solar water heater, and filled the tub with water to flush the toilet, if necessary.

If the power goes out, you won’t be seeing any new posts on my blog for a while.  Hopefully, that won’t happen, and the hurricane will be over before we know it.

Next post will be on Sunday, if all goes well.

Hurricane Lane is approaching

August 22, 2018


Hurricane Lane is expected to hit Hawaii soon.  We expect rain, flooding, and wind.  Let’s hope that this is a false alarm and that we will be spared.

Meanwhile, we have been buying canned goods and other non-perishables, and I believe we have enough bottled water, Diet Coke, fruit juice, and chicken broth to last us for quite some time.  We also have enough toilet paper and paper towels, not to mention lights, batteries, and a portable radio.

As the hurricane approaches, we will place our gas grill in front of the laundry room doors in the patio to prevent the doors from swinging in the wind.  The gas grill is a very nice thing to have, because if the electrical grid fails, we can still cook food on the grill after the storm is over.

We also plan to take down the hanging plants and store all container plants inside the house.  We will find some place to store the patio chairs.

Let’s hope that there is no major property damage and that there are no deaths.

A bad fall and a nice man

August 20, 2018

On Wednesday, David and I drove to Dole Theater to watch “Crazy Rich Asians,” which had very good reviews.  More than 90% of the critics and the audience liked the movie.  David parked in a handicapped stall, because he has severe arthritis.  We got out of the car to take the elevator, but as I was walking, I tripped over a speed bump and went flying into the air, sliding onto the floor.  Thankfully, I did not break any bones, but only skinned my left knee.  This is how it looked on Friday.  It looked much worse on Wednesday:


A man was coming out of the elevator just then and witnessed my fall.  He rushed over to my prone body.  He was so nice to me.  I thought he was a doctor, because he seemed to know what to do for a fall.  He offered to get me a bag of ice for my swollen knee, but I declined.  When I asked him who he was, he said that he was Scotty B, a radio personality on KSSK, which happens to be stationed in the Dole Theater complex.  David told him that he had heard him before on the radio.  However, I didn’t know who Scotty B was, because I don’t listen to the radio.  Long story short, David and Scotty B pulled me up from the floor.

I was so shaken and upset that I decided to skip the movie and return home.  Besides, my left knee hurt like the dickens, and it was bleeding.  I used a napkin in the car to blot the blood.

David saw the movie the next day at a different theater and really enjoyed it.  He said that Singapore is beautiful.  He also said that I would love the lead actor, Henry Golding, because he is a tall, handsome British-Malaysian, who speaks with a British accent.  Just my type, huh?

I’ll see “Crazy Rich Asians” next year when I can rent the DVD.  I am avoiding the theater for now.

Made in Hawaii Festival – 2018

August 18, 2018

My son-in-law, Grant, is exhibiting his etched glassware at the Made in Hawaii Festival at the Blaisdell Center this weekend.  Every year in August, he is right there selling his wares with great success.  His work is very popular.

If you are in the vicinity, do attend the festival at the Blaisdell.  The hours are Saturday 10-9, and Sunday 10-5.  The festival ends on Sunday.  If you arrive around 3:00 pm, you will find more empty parking stalls, and it is not so crowded.

Parking in the lot costs $7 and admission is $6.

You can also visit Grant’s website for information about his etched glassware:

These are photos of Grant and his stall at the Blaisdell Center:






I previously bought this large plate from Grant at the 2011 Made in Hawaii Festival.  It has a Maori design and is very pretty: