Interlocking tiles

October 31, 2014

We wanted to replace the dirty carpet in front of the front and back doors with vinyl tiles. The tiles would look neater and cleaner when people entered the house.

So we went to Bougainville Flooring Center and purchased VersaLock luxury vinyl tiles and planks. They are glueless and interlocking.  Each plank measures 12” x 24”.

The carpet in front of each door was carved out, and the tiles were laid without glue.  The edges clicked together.  To make sure that the planks would not move when stepped on, metal strips were installed tightly around the perimeter.  The carpet covered the strips.

Here is the finished product (one doorway):

Vinyl tiles 002-A

Lovely, isn’t it? We are very pleased.

Day with Rylan

October 29, 2014

My four year old grandson, Rylan, was sick so he spent the day with us rather than attend preschool.

Here he is with David, playing with his iPad:

Rylan 009-A

Rylan can read:

Rylan 006-A

He looked for pictures of objects that start with the letter M:

Rylan 003-A

He drew a chocolate cake:

Rylan 001-A

He also drew a bird’s nest:

Rylan 011-A

He showed me his medal, which he received from his soccer coach.  He will sign up for soccer again next summer:

Rylan 008-A

He showed me his Halloween mask (Power Ranger):

Rylan 010-A

Oh, Rylan, what a wonderful grandson you are! You will do well in life, no matter what.

Improving our home

October 27, 2014

This is the bathroom cabinet that David installed recently. We purchased it at Lowe’s, and it measures 23” x 30” x 7”.  We love it.  David keeps asking why we didn’t buy it to begin with.  My response is that I had no idea such a thing existed.

Lovely, isn’t it? I like the cubicles for the toilet paper and bath soap:

Bathroom cabinet 009-A

Bathroom cabinet 006-A

Our home renovation continues. We plan to buy 12 floor tiles for the area in front of our two exterior doors.  We will hire someone to cut out the carpet and install the tiles.  This will keep the carpet from getting wet or dirty when people enter our house.

Oh, I do enjoy improving our home. It helps to be a homeowner rather than a renter.  I have been both, but prefer to be an owner, because I am free to alter my abode as I see fit without prior approval from a landlord.

I am indeed blessed.

Brilliant idea

October 25, 2014

No flash 001-A

My Jade plant is thriving in my patio. It seems to like the bright sunlight and the occasional watering.

Picture this scene: David reached for his toothbrush on the glass shelf in the bathroom, and his razor and box of nose strips fell into the toilet.  Ugh!  Think of the germs.

So, after pondering a bit, I decided to install a two or three shelf cupboard on the wall. It will store our toothbrushes and other paraphernalia and keep them out of sight when we have guests.  (We already have a small medicine cabinet.)

Further, we will use the lid to cover the toilet after every use. If something falls from the cupboard, it won’t fall into the toilet.

Do you cover your toilet after every use, too?

God gave us a brain. Use it.

Prefer to be sober

October 23, 2014

Foster Village 020-A

Hawaii: Photo by David.

When I get together with my friends, it is always for lunch at a restaurant. But, when my younger sisters get together with their friends, it is always for Happy Hour at a restaurant or bar, usually after work.

I have never done what my sisters do, because I am not much of a drinker. The last time I had a drink was at my cousin’s wedding reception in July.  I drank half a glass of champagne to toast the occasion and then gave the other half to David to finish.

For some reason, when I drink, my brain stops functioning and I feel very sleepy. At that point, I stop conversing.

On the other hand, alcohol makes my sisters more talkative, and they really do enjoy chatting and laughing at each other’s stories while filling themselves with wine.

Hmmm. I don’t think I will ever be part of that culture, as I prefer to be sober.

Life is pretty darn wonderful. No need to escape.

Improving our lifestyle

October 21, 2014

Korean art 012-A

Korea (Chosun Dynasty, 1392-1910): 10 panel screen depicting fish, birds, and lotus flowers.  Displayed at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

I am always happy to find new ways to improve my home. One of my projects is to replace the wallpaper in Lisa’s room and in the dining area. I intend to have the wallpaper professionally installed.  I’ll post photos when it’s done.

Another project is to paint the porch, which is unsightly with grime. Since he is so tall, David can easily reach the ceiling of the porch with his paint brush.

I moved five pots of crotons from the patio to the area under the eaves next to the windows. The sixth pot was discarded, because the plant was dead.  I hope that the move will help the remaining crotons to survive, because I think they were over exposed to prolonged, harsh sunlight in the patio.  If they don’t survive, I’ll just replace them with new plants.

Another thing that makes me happy is experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. I love casseroles or any meal that can be stretched over two days.  This means I just have to cook every other day.  David especially likes my chicken-broccoli casserole, my Mexican casserole, my Portuguese bean soup, and my spinach quiche.  He likes my cooking so much, he is more than willing to wash the dishes after dinner.  (I wash the breakfast and lunch dishes.)

So, life is good for both of us. No complaints.

Speak with poise and confidence

October 19, 2014

Korean art 014-A

This is a Korean chest from the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910), displayed at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Note the gold, silver, mother of pearl, and tortoise shell.  Lovely!

We received our absentee ballots in the mail. David has already voted and mailed his ballot in.  He voted for the Democratic candidate for governor.  I, on the other hand, will vote for the Independent candidate for governor, as he seems to have more charisma as a leader of this state.

This reminds me of the time when someone nominated me to be Seventh Grade Secretary. I was shocked, but was unable to withdraw my name.  I wrote my campaign speech and practiced in front of Aunty Jennie, my godmother.  I enjoyed her applause.  A week later, all of the student candidates stood on the stage in the cafeteria.  When it was my turn, I spoke into the mike very nervously but managed to get through it.  Guess what, the votes were cast and I lost the election.

Well, at least, I did not read my speech, but actually memorized and delivered it.

So, you see, it takes all kinds to run for office. The main thing to remember is:  Don’t read your speech.  Memorize it, practice it, and then say it without stumbling.

It doesn’t mean you will win, but at least you won’t seem like a fool.


October 17, 2014

Frittata 003-A

Sautee 1 chopped white onion in a little olive oil.

Then, spread the onions evenly in the pan.

Mix 5 eggs, 1 small jar of pimentos (drained), and 1 small can of green chilis (undrained).

Pour egg mixture over the onions.

Cover the pan.

Cook over low heat for 7-8 minutes until cooked.

Do not burn it.

Uncover and remove from heat.


Happy kids make happy adults

October 14, 2014

Rylan’s preschool was closed for Columbus Day, so he came here while his parents were at work.

He didn’t goof off. No sir.  Here is 4 year old Rylan with his iPad:

Rylan 004-A

He practiced setting the time:

Rylan 001-A

He counted and identified the different types of sea life:

Rylan 005-A

He watched a Power Rangers video:

Rylan 008-A

He drew several pictures of Power Rangers and even signed his name.  I love this piece because it is an original.  He didn’t copy someone else’s work.

Rylan asked, “Grandma, are you going to paste this picture on your blog?”

My answer:  “Yup.”

Here it is, Ry:

Rylan 014-A

He perused his Pokemon book:

Rylan 016-A

It was a challenge to locate various figures on the page:

Rylan 017

He had such a great time drawing pictures and playing with the iPad and his book.  He was free to do anything he wanted to do.

The only time he pouted was when I asked him to do his preschool homework (cutting, pasting and identifying pictures that start with the letter K).  He had no interest in it, even when I told him I would help him:

Rylan 018-A

I let it go. I felt he had done enough studying for the day.

When my grandson visits my home, he sure knows how to have fun.


A new beverage cart

October 13, 2014

Our old beverage cart, which was assembled by Maria when she was about 13 years old, had deteriorated, and it was time to buy a new one.

So, David went to City Mill and purchased a cart for $60. It was made in China.

Here’s a series of photos, which show what a clever handyman David is:

Beverage cart 002-A

Beverage cart 005-A

Beverage cart 007-A

Beverage cart 010-A

Beverage cart 013-A

Beverage cart 017-A

I love it! Isn’t it great to have a new and beautiful beverage cart for a change?


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