I saw the doctor yesterday

October 1, 2014

Hawaii: Neighbor’s plant (photo by Gigi):

neighbor's plants 003-A

As you know, I experienced excruciating chest pain and pressure last Friday night, while resting in bed.

I saw my internist on Tuesday. An EKG was administered, and my doctor told me it was “abnormal.”  However, it was just as abnormal as the EKG done in 2012.  I seem to have a history of abnormal EKGs, dating from the 1970s.

The doctor told me that she did not think I had a heart attack last Friday. I asked her if I should have a blood test to prove it.  She said that blood tests are done if an MI is suspected.  (Not TIA, as blogger DJan mentioned, because TIA refers to stroke and there is no blood test for TIA.)

The doctor also said that heart attacks don’t usually happen at rest. They usually occur with physical exertion.

She listened to my heart and lungs and said they were fine.

She thinks my painful episode might have been due to heartburn, anxiety, or panic.

However, as a precaution, she has ordered another test, called a Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram, which is scheduled for November 6. (Please google if you want more information.)  Yeah, it’s a long way off, but I guess the clinic is booked.

Bottom line: I really should avoid stress, physical or mental, because it doesn’t do me one bit of good.  Take it easy and be mellow.  Enjoy being retired and not having to deal with any unpleasantness.


September 30, 2014

While I wait for a phone call from my internist regarding my “heart attack” last Friday, I thought I would share some photos of our lunch yesterday. This was our first time at Gyotaku, a Japanese restaurant in Pearl City.  David and I had a good time there.

This is the sign outside the restaurant:

Gyotaku 001-A

We started with miso soup, which contained tofu and seaweed:

Gyotaku 003-A

Then we had a vegetable salad (that long orange thing is imitation crab, I believe):

Gyotaku 004-A

This was followed by shrimp and vegetable tempura and chicken:

Gyotaku 005-A

And, they saved the best for last, assorted sushi:

Gyotaku 006-A

This lunch special was so delightful, it took my mind off my problems.

Not bad for $11.95.

A scary experience

September 28, 2014

Grandkids 035-A

My 4 year old grandson, Rylan. (Gigi’s photo, taken on June 14, 2014)

Friday night, I had a scary experience. I had gone to bed and was sleeping on my right side.  When I turned to lie on my back, I experienced excruciating pain.  My whole chest felt like it was on fire and I could hardly breathe due to a heavy pressure on my chest.  I thought I was having a heart attack.

I considered calling 911, but realized that nobody was home to answer the door, as David had gone to the gym. I was in no shape to get out of bed, and I believed I was going to die.

Die alone! At age 68. I was filled with sorrow.

I thought of my four year old grandson and regretted that I would not be present at his wedding. I wondered who he would choose as his spouse, one of the most important choices a man would ever make in his life.

I remembered the cute conversations I’d had with him during the times I babysat.

I wept quietly.

But, my great and enduring love for my sweet grandson brought me peace.  As I lay there, I felt all of my worries subside and so did my chest pain.

Though this whole experience lasted about fifteen minutes, it seemed like an eternity. After the pain disappeared, I fell asleep and woke up six hours later, feeling refreshed and perfectly normal.

Did my grandson save my life? Who knows?

Never underestimate the power of love.

An accountant forever

September 27, 2014

Hawaii: Photos by David.  How is it possible for purple and white flowers to grow on the same branch, same plant?  Any botanists out there?

Foster Village 012-A

Foster Village 014-A

I have to laugh at my husband, who was an accountant and comptroller for many years. He’s retired, now, but he still loves to compose spreadsheets on the computer.

As you know, David and I have separate bank and credit card accounts. However, we split the joint monthly bills.  He pays the grocery and restaurant bills, and I pay the utility bills, home insurance premium, property tax, and everything else.  We try to balance the payments, so that one person does not pay more than the other.  This arrangement has worked well for us.

Anyway, every chance he gets, David goes to the computer and creates spreadsheets to figure out the monthly budget and billings and receivables. Typical accounting work.

It’s not the end of the month, yet, but he told me he owes me $6.50, because so far I have paid more for our joint bills than he has.

Hey, I can’t and won’t argue with a spreadsheet, so I’ll gladly take the $6.50.

David will never change. He will be an accountant forever!

P.S.  Blogger Linda Starr informed me that the flowers shown above are called Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  They start out purple, then change to lavender, and then white.  Fascinating!  Thank you, Linda!

Free, free at last!

September 25, 2014

Foster Village 022-A

Hawaii: Jade plant (David’s photo).

September is our hottest month of the year, whereas January is our coldest. How does 90F grab you?  And it is humid, too.  The air is so thick and dense that you could slice it with a knife.

Friends have told me that to cool off, they go to the movie theater or stay inside an air conditioned store. That’s not something David and I have to do.  Back in 1997, we air conditioned our whole house, and it was the best thing we ever did.  So, while others swelter, we are cool and dry.

It’s quite peaceful around here, and we are stress-free. Always try to reduce stress, because it can kill you just as much as a bad diet can.

As I perused the Memory Book, which I bought at my 50th high school class reunion last Saturday, I noticed so many alumni mentioning in their biography that their job had been very stressful.  They were overjoyed when they could finally retire and relax.

David and I feel the same way. After being slaves for so long, we are free, free at last!

Best of all, we can afford to live here in paradise. We appreciate the fine things that Hawaii has to offer:  cultural diversity, racial harmony, modern medicine and modern conveniences.

What’s not to like about our life and our home?


September 23, 2014

The grandkids were here last week. They brought cones and a ball to play soccer in the backyard:

Grandkids 004-A

Julia and Rylan watched their Kindle Fire and iPad:

Grandkids 002-A

Julia worked on arithmetic, while Rylan drew pictures:

Grandkids 009-A

These are Rylan’s pictures:

This is supposed to be a machine. Note his name on the top left:

Grandkids 007-A

This is supposed to be the produce section of a grocery store. Note the blueberries, lemons, strawberries, and mint:

Grandkids 010-A

Rylan is learning to write the alphabet.

He speaks well for a 4 year old.  No pidgin English, no bad grammar, and he is very fluent.  He doesn’t say, “Um, er, ah,” as so many people do.

As for Julia, she speaks well, too.

My 50th high school class reunion

September 21, 2014

David and I attended my 50th high school class reunion Saturday night.  This is a photo of those classmates attending the party in Honolulu:

50th class reunion 001-A

I met many classmates.

Reid Kimoto. He was the star quarterback, who led our football team to many victories.  He now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada:

50th class reunion 011-A

Geraldine Britten. She received her Ph.D. in Economics and currently resides in Australia:

50th class reunion 012-A

Mary Miho (left) and Leilani Adams (center). Mary was our Student Body President and lives on the Big Island.  Leilani lives on Oahu:

50th class reunion 002-A

More than 180 people attended the reunion luau, where Hawaiian cuisine was served:

50th class reunion 005-A

Some of us danced to “YMCA” by the Village People:

50th class reunion 022-A

I received a copy of our Memory Book, which contains photos and biographies of classmates (deceased and alive).  It’s interesting to see what some of us have done since graduating from high school.

This is my bio page (current and high school pictures):

50th class reunion 024-A

My eyes are semi-closed, because I was taking a “selfie” with my camera aimed at the mirror.

David and I had so much fun! We are looking forward to David’s 50th class reunion, coming up in three years.  Yup, he graduated from the same high school.

Lots going on

September 20, 2014

Hawaii: My neighbor’s orchids.  (Photos by Gigi):

Foster Village 003-A

Foster Village 003-B

Don’t those pretty orchids perk you up? I love to look at beautiful things.  They brighten my mood and make me smile.

Today is Saturday. David and I will be watching a college football game on TV at 8:00 am, Hawaii vs. Colorado, which is being played in Boulder.  I hope our team wins, but it is predicted that it won’t.  Alas!  I realize it is just a game, but still…  Anyway, I would love to see views of Boulder, because I have never been there.

Tonight, we will be attending my 50th high school class reunion.  How time flies!  I can’t believe fifty years have elapsed since I graduated from high school.  I am looking forward to seeing my former classmates – such as my ex-boyfriend, whom I dated during my junior and senior years.  He is a dentist, much shorter than my husband.  You all know how I prefer tall men.

Yesterday, my grandkids came to my home for the day. It’s always nice to see them.  I do think that I am a better grandmother than I was a mother.  More patient, perhaps?  Of course, it may be due to the fact that I don’t have to raise them on a daily basis.  I see them occasionally.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Or so it seems.

My life is full, and I am very happy.

Thank goodness!

September 18, 2014

plants Home Depot 004-A

Hawaii. Photo by Gigi.

Two big news items have been dominating our local newspaper lately:

  1. Lava from Kilauea Volcano is flowing towards Pahoa on the Big Island. There is a chance the lava will flow over the main highway, thereby cutting off residents from the rest of the island. Crews have been trying to clear unpaved roads for residents to use in case that happens.
  2. The mayor of Honolulu has signed into law three bills, which make it illegal for the homeless to sit or lie on public sidewalks in Waikiki (a tourist mecca) and to urinate or defecate in public places anywhere on the island of Oahu. The homeless will be taken from Waikiki to a transitional shelter on Sand Island before being given permanent lodging elsewhere.

I am so grateful that I don’t have to deal with either issue in my neighborhood. Every year, I donate money to the American Red Cross (Hawaii chapter) and to IHS (the largest homeless shelter in Hawaii).  They do good work and need our support.

There was a time when I coordinated chili and rice dinners for the homeless at IHS. Safeway’s general manager donated the ingredients.  I had volunteers from my church help me cook and serve the food.  A children’s choir from church provided the dinner music.  Very nice effort by everyone.  It benefited the homeless, and it was rewarding for the volunteers, as well.

The volcanoes on Oahu, where I live, are extinct. They will never erupt, so I don’t have to worry about lava encroaching on my neighborhood.

Thank goodness! Count your blessings!

“Sexy” conducting

September 16, 2014

Symphony 003-A

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra last Sunday.

Well, the verdict is out. We prefer sitting in Section C of the orchestra (ground floor) to sitting in the nosebleed section of the balcony.  No need to climb those arduous stairs.  The acoustics were excellent.  What I really liked was not having someone’s big head in front of me, blocking my view of the stage.  I hope this continues for the rest of the season.

Something new was added: Modern ballet, performed by the Onium Ballet Project.  This is a group of talented Hawaii dancers (two men and three women), who danced to Britten’s “Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes.”  Great choreography!

As for the music? Awesome!  I especially loved the last piece, Ravel’s “Bolero.”  Excellent conducting, which was almost “sexy” to watch.  I enjoyed seeing the conductor, Stuart Chafetz, actually “feel” and move to the lush music.  The audience did, too, rewarding the performance with a standing ovation.

Overall, David and I had a wonderful time at this concert. It was an evening well spent and very gratifying.  And, again, no horrible stairs to climb!


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