You inspire me!


On Monday, David will receive the second of a 3-shot series for his right knee.  Despite chronic pain in his legs, he refuses to use a wheelchair at the airport.

“I don’t want to look like a cripple,” he said.

Sad!  He spoke briefly about applying for disability Social Security, but we both know he will not go through with it.  He intends to keep working, even though the 20-step stairs at the office is arduous.  My husband would go crazy staying home with only mundane things to do.  He told me my life is boring.  He likes to go to work, because he enjoys the interaction with people.  Plus he likes to earn lots more money than he would from Social Security.

Ah, well, let him live his own life.  I happen to like being retired, watching my grandson four days a week and writing on the computer.  I also enjoy reading, something which David abhors.  He prefers to watch television, instead.  In fact, he intends to buy an 80 inch TV in three years, when he starts collecting SS benefits at age 66 while keeping his present job.  We’ll have better cash flow at that time.

Many of you readers are retired like me.  I find it so interesting to read how you spend your retirement.  You inspire me!

12 Responses to “You inspire me!”

  1. Christine Says:

    Yes, I guess David has to decide what he wants to do to be content! I enjoy being at home and bustling around with various errands, a quiet life although it can sometimes get hectic.

  2. Tilly Bud - The Laughing Housewife Says:

    If you use a wheelchair, you tend to go through passport control, etc, much quicker…

  3. Jeanie Says:

    I hope he will change his mind about the wheelchair at the airport. It would be bad to have his knee hurting on the flight. I am new to retirement and still working part-time but so far I have no complaints about it.

  4. DJan Says:

    I remember when I had a bum knee (it has since been fixed) and wore a brace. I was given the best seat available in my section, rather than being seated in an exit row. I didn’t mind a bit!

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can feel bored while retired. Good for you keeping active. David could be inspired by you. Dianne

  6. L. from W. Says:

    I don’t know…what is real is real, no getting around that. If his knee is a problem, it is. He has to take care of it, not abuse it just to look like he’s fine. Most people think we are poor and can’t rub two dimes, but I know we are not destitute and can retire when we want because we have saved. Who cares what people think? That’s what’s wrong with Americans IMHO and our system that perpetuates living beyond our means. Fed policy condones it so how can the masses ever think to pedal in another direction.

  7. L. from W. Says:

    I’ve been reading more and more retirement blogs lately, including yours and Kay’s. I find Dianne’s blog fascinating too.

    I sometimes project my own issues on people….sorry to lecture and rant but it did hit a nerve for me.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I am not sure I said this before, but if I have, it bears repeating. Ever since we got the reverse mortgage on our house, our lifestyle has improved 100%. We have no debt. We have lots of money in the bank, which we save for emergencies (e.g., replacing the roof on our house). Plus David works and I receive SS, so that is income we are free to spend or save. People say we should save for our old age. Well, this is our old age. Why can’t we enjoy the fruits of our labor? David’s building will be sold, and his office will move to a different building, which may not have any stairs. He is hopeful that his physical problems will diminish with that new move. As long as he enjoys his job (despite the interpersonal stress), he will keep the status quo.

      • L. from W. Says:

        Exactly…who cares what people think. Take care of yourself and your finances….that’s what is important.

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    David works at a job that he can keep doing for quite a while yet. As long as he likes it, go for it. Especially if he can get vacation time so the two of you can travel. Having enough money makes life a lot more pleasurable.

  9. Grannymar Says:

    Most important of all, you have each other.

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